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Poolside Meditation
Comforting Ammenities

From music headphones, heated neck-pillows, to ear plugs and 

dark goggles, we do everything possible to create a stress-free visit.



If you are already healthy, or once we get you there, it is our responsibility to assist you in staying that way..

Female white toothy smile


From simple whitening to more elaborate porcelain transformations.  We can give you the smile you desire and deserve.

silver filling replacement
Fillings & Crowns

We utilize the highest quality materials and laboratories to produce natural-looking and feeling results.

 Young Woman Contemplating
Bite & Snore-Guards


Whether you grind your teeth or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, there is a custom appliance to help.

Upside Down
Nitrous Oxide


We have "laughing gas" available to help alleviate any anxiety you may have towards dental treatment.



Due to Dr. Raff's extensive training and experience, he routinely performs oral surgery, minimizing referrals to outside offices.

Doctor and Patient
Root Canals


Due to Dr. Raff 's training and experience, he routinely performs root canal treatment, minimizing referrals to outside offices.

Periodontal Care

Gum disease does not just lead to tooth loss, but can impact the quality of your life.



Whether partial, full, or temporary, we offer a variety of types and materials.  We also perform most repairs in-office.

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